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Periods and Beyond: Menstruation, Inequalities & Social Change?

We’re excited to be running an event with Let’s Talk. Period at Plan International UK about menstruation, inequalities and social change on the 31st January 2020 at Brunel . The day will feature panels on the latest in menstruation research and menstruation and inequalities, as well as practical workshops led by leading NGOs working on Menstruation in the UK. Check out the schedule below. You can find more details and book a place here.

10.00 – Welcome

10.15 – The Latest in Menstuation Research

12.05 – Workshop Breakout Sessions

  1. Menstruation and the environment
  2. Menstruation Education
  3. Periods in the workplace

14.30 – Inequalities and Menstruation

14.50 – Inequalities and Menstruation Panel Discussion

16.00 – Finish

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