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Documenting Periods and Beyond

Illustration by Lois Smith, Scarlett Design

On the 31st January 2020, we organised an event with Plan International UK at Brunel. The event, Periods and Beyond: Menstruation, Inequalities and Social Change, was an insightful and invigorating one. We were fortunate enough to have an amazing line up of academics and activists, such as Alison Briggs, Annalise Weckesser, Camilla Rostvik, Elizabeth Folarin, Emily Wilson, Emma Shakir, Gabby Edlin, Gemma Williams, Gloria, Kenny Ethan Jones and Priscilla Dudhia. We had three workshops run by Charlotte Amrouche (Moìsta), Jasmine Tribe (City to Sea), Molly Brown (Hey Girls), Natasha Piette-Basheer (Wen) and Ruby Stevenson (Brook) too. As well as Lois Smith from Scarlett Design illustrating visual minutes of the day. Thank you to all of those who spoke, participated and attended the day.

You can check out the photos and tweets from the day.

Check out the Periods and Beyond photos:

All photos by Neil Graveney, Brunel University London.

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Check out the Periods and Beyond ‘moment’:

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